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The Insider Secrets of Caring Essay

The Insider Secrets of Caring Essay Caring goes beyond caring for relatives and friends. Caring is when you do a great deed for someone, because it's the best thing to do. Caring has become the most important thing. Caring for others is also called Compassion. The Caring Essay Stories Nursing is frequently a springboard to numerous different positions. Nursing as a science is the most apparent kind of. Nurses aren't only care providers but are playing a critical role in care-giving. They must be familiar with a plethora of facts on a daily basis. When there is anything I am ready to do for others that takes just a very simple effort, then I think that the gratitude ought to be from bringing comfort and satisfaction where required. In the instance a patient or an individual can't rely on modern science for comfort it help to have the ability to hold on to your ideas and beliefs otherwise referred to as hope. Although common sense, it's important to not forget. According to Mayeroff, patience doesn't mean waiting passively for something to occur, rather, it usually means that a person ought to actively take part in the development of the other individual. The Do's and Don'ts of Caring Essay Sharing happens in various levels. The target isn't an ideal map. Caring is complexly easy and simply complicated. The Fight Against Caring Essay Nurses play a vital part in the healing procedure for the patients since they show support and caring towards them. They are supposed to take care of themselves so as to be able to take care of the patients. As such, they should take appropriate measures in order to improve it. Additionally, they should be environmentally and technologically savvy to be able to understand the external factors that can influence their patients. Emotional conflicts and disturbances involving patients is a typical occurrence in the health business and it's necessary for health professionals to take care of such conflicts. It's evident that it's important to discover the origin of the patient's increased exacerbations. The patient enters the hospital alone, he's poorly dressed and does not appear to take very great care of himself hygienically. The patients believed the nurses are more inclined to identify and manage their requirements. The Caring Essay Trap Empathy in nursing is a good quality to get. These days, a professional elderly caregiver is at least as critical as a nurse. Moreover, health is also connected with the level of congruence between the skilled and perceived self. Caring Essay Secrets The critical function of the nurse is to demonstrate an intimate and reliable relationship with the patient and be able to comprehend the sufferings of the customer. As a nurse, you get to decide what values you exp ress at work. Maximizing one thing when minimizing another is the gist of efficiency. Consequently, a number of them may call for home-based care while others might need specialized attention in a nursing home or inside a hospital. As stated by the theorist, caring should enhance and form the identity of medical care professionals and, thus, medicine focuses on the notion of caring. What caring means, the way that it is demonstrated, how it's measured, and the way it's received are complex multi-dimensional concepts. Peer-to-peer support proved to be a fundamental facet to educating nurses. Caring Essay Regrettably, it might become difficult to exhibit that amount of meticulousness when working under stressful problems. In both nations, the growth in aging members of the people has put lots of pressure on the medical in addition to retirement schemes. A caring environment permits the patient to decide on the ideal action for him that gives the growth of potential at any moment. Among the carative factors of creating a trusting relationship must be in a locatio n for a transpersonal relationship to occur. The Tried and True Method for Caring Essay in Step by Step Detail For some applicants, simply getting into a superior nursing school is the most significant aspect. Moreover, Japanese families aren't living in big numbers as they did before. Highlight the things you want to put in your essay, summarize your individual story and incorporate your qualifications. Your own personal statement should incorporate the long-term goals you've got for you career in nursing. So often in my experience, the very first subject of conversation is all about a workplace grievance.

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Papua New Guinea Religion, Tradition and the Ensuing...

A small nation with widespread brutality and domestic violence, Papua New Guinea, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, struggles with multiple developmental challenges. It is one of the poorest countries on the planet per capita, as well as one of the most culturally diverse with over 800 languages are spoken there (Campano). According to ReCom, a research and communication on foreign aid organization, it is ranked at 148 on the Human Development Index and most human well-being indicators show that the conditions there are similar to those in Sub-Saharan Africa (Stewart). The country is in desperate need of social services for the many abused and battered woman and the vengeful violent acts that take place for accused witchcraft†¦show more content†¦In addition, most societies have stories which describe how superhuman beings created the natural world and society, inventing food and plants, pigs and pig exchanges, male and female cults, sorcery, and other aspects of cu lture (Culture of Papua New Guinea). It is also commonly accepted that with age and maturity most people will develop supernatural powers and abilities. As Christianity has spread throughout the country, most Papua New Guineans fail to see a contradiction between traditional views and practices and Christian beliefs, continuing to practice both side by side. Christian missionaries arrived in the country of Papua New Guinea in the late 19th century. The first mission in eastern New Guinea was the London Missionary society in 1871, which set up mission teachers from the Loyalty Islands on islands adjacent to and on the Papuan mainland (Culture of Papua New Guinea). While there was some resistance to the early missionaries, many welcomed the missionaries and an opportunity to earn money, power and to achieve better gender-based relations. Currently, the churches in Papua New Guinea have an extensive network covering the entire country. The focus of these church networks and religious organizations began with basic health and education services in an attempt to engage the community. The government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) has formal control of theseShow MoreRelatedSocial Determinants of Health10939 Words   |  44 Pagesreclaiming of cultural life. Aboriginal culture has roots deep in the past. Australia’s Indigenous cultural traditions have a history and continuity unrivalled in the world. Far from signifying the end of Indigenous Australian traditions, new forms of adaptation are bringing new vitality to older cultural themes and values that need to be addressed. Contemporary Indigenous Australia presents new challenges, issues and options for reconciliation. Aboriginal people have been in Australia for betweenRead MorePre-Columbian Period9302 Words   |  38 PagesAmericans in the United States and Alaskan Native peoples, as well as all indigenous peoples of the Americas. Many indigenous peoples were semi-nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers; others were sedentary and agricultural civilizations. Many formed new tribes or confederations in response to European colonization. Well-known groups included the Huron, Apache Tribe, Cherokee, Sioux, Delaware, Algonquin, Choctaw, Mohegan, Iroquois (which included the Mohawk nation, Oneida tribe, Seneca nation, Cayuga

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Building A Good Code Of Ethics - 1376 Words

When talking about business ethics, we can define ethics in a form of professional principles, morals or problems that arise in a business environment. This applies in all aspects of business for people dealing in organizations on how they base their decisions in a form on what they feel is right or wrong. Having a good understanding on how ethics plays a role in business environment, will allow a person more insight on how their values and behavior oversee business practises. Building a good code of ethics will allow an individual or organization to create trusting relations, a good reputation among society, inclusive to all demographics, especially those seeking employment within the company along with many other advantages. Having these advantages are great to have to appear to the public eye as well rounded, but in some instances the code of ethics will not be taken serious by all and therefore many problems can arise. Some examples of this is are conflicts of interest issues, gender relations and for financial reasoning’s. Due to this, organizations and government agencies have put forth laws and regulations to avoid such problems within the work environment. Having these laws are great to have to help prevent such issues, but it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of organization manipulation and their commitment to those laws. One strong reason an individual would manipulate or not follow the code of ethics is for financial gain/benefit. As you read on, this report itShow MoreRelatedCode Of Ethics And The Workplace1157 Words   |  5 Pageslife or the professional life. Because of those ethical rules, the society is getting organized. At the same time, people’s lives are so much safer and happier compares to the old time that with weak ethical rules. Rules must adhere to the society. â€Å"Ethics help us navigate the gray area between absolute right and morally wrong.† (Brandscaping) When people go to the bathroom, they need to wait in lines; when people go to take a bus, they need to line up and pay for it; when people go to buy food, theyRead MoreProfessionalism Is Essential For Providing Quality Care1084 Words   |  5 Pagesdifferent attributes and behaviors, some are the way a nurse approaches the patient, and some have to do with a code that the nurse follows everyday when they are working as a nurse. Professionalism is an important factor in building trust with patients, and this can be done in the code of ethics that the nurse holds themself to and in the ways the nurse interacts with patients. Building trust with your patient is essential to providing quality care. According to Michael Brennan and Verna MonsonRead MoreHow Ethics Helps Improve Employee Behavior953 Words   |  4 Pageslife or the professional life. Because of those ethical rules, the society is getting organized. At the same time, people’s lives are so much safer and happier compares to the old time that with weak ethical rules. Rules must adhere to the society. â€Å"Ethics help us navigate the gray area between absolute right and morally wrong.† (Brandscaping) When people go to the bathroom, they need to wait in lines; when people go to take a bus, they need to line up and pay for it; even when people shopping onlineRead MoreProfessional Ethics Within The Built Environment1477 Words   |  6 PagesProfessional ethics within the built environment Lukman Abdulrahman School of the Built Environment, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, United Kingdom INTRODUCTION Much has been written in recent years on environmental ethics which relates to the more general natural environment, but very little on the built environment. It is now clear that few matters are of more importance to our future than the ways in which we construct our built environments and live our day-to-day lives withinRead MoreA Brief Note On Ethics And Conduct And Behavior1089 Words   |  5 PagesEthics Research Report Student Name: Longfei Wang Student ID: 11529471 Executive Summary This report describe the two professional areas, they are Early Childhood and Public Relation (PR). In this two areas, this article illustrates the importance of three professional codes which are ethics, conduct and behavior. The report also reveal some ethical or unethical behaviors in the light of the two professional areas. Then the two professions will be compared in the codes ofRead Moreâ€Å"Ethics†¦ are nothing but reverence for life. This is what gives me the fundamental principle of600 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"Ethics†¦ are nothing but reverence for life. This is what gives me the fundamental principle of morality, namely, that good consists in maintaining, promoting, and enhancing life, and that destroying, injuring, and limiting life are evil.† This definition of ethics was from the German physician, theologian, and medical missionary Albert Schweitzer who was awarded the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize1. Ethics are the principles that govern the behavior of so ciety. It is a topic of discussion that affects allRead MoreCode Of Ethics And The National Education Association1031 Words   |  5 PagesEducation Association (NEA) adopted a code of ethics in 1975 (Strike Soltis 2009, p. viii). While this code still upholds many concerns that educators face today, it is important to make sure that a code of ethics is a breathing document. It must adapt and change with the changing of time. Strike and Soltis (2009) reference the code of ethics quite regularly throughout the entire book. It is first introduced in full at the beginning of the book. Looking over the code, it is important to remember thatRead MoreMedia Ethics Definition1554 Words   |  7 PagesDictionary defines ethics as moral standards and as a system of morals. Websters then defines moral as, of or dealing with right or wrong. Similarly, media ethics are moral standards that are applied to the media. An example of this is the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Eth ics(1), a standardized list of items that members of the SPJ use as a guide in their strides to be effective journalists. In a similar manner, media professionals sometimes use their code of ethics as a device toRead MoreRole Of A Professional Civil Engineer1378 Words   |  6 Pageskind of ethics that engineers require to be respect. In addition, how do they practice to solve issues to avoid failure generate again. This report will shows the roles of engineers do in manufacturing industry and what kind of works that they need to complete. Base on a large number of requirements that engineers need to practice to engage in their professional works. For instance, they need these kinds of knowledge, skills and attributes. Additionally, list the engineers Australia code of ethicsRead MoreStrategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business1108 Words   |  5 Pagescustomers need in giving the competitive advantages. Mission Statement Fortune Mobility Solutions is a mining corporation in hopes of becoming successful in the mining industry. The corporation mission is to mine resources for customers needing it for building material. Our goal is to find and mine the best material that will reach our customers high criteria and needs. We are based highly around our customers and the resources we mine. Fortune Mobility Solutions sees everyone in the corporation, from

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Credit Quality Analysis

Questions: 1. Discuss the relevance and framework of credit quality analysis for a target company? 2. Discuss the best practice financial parameters for evaluating a company credit quality and overall financial risk profile? 3. Discuss the financial credit ratios and formulae used in assessing credit quality? 4. Estimate the various financial credit ratios for Pidilite using publicly available audited financial statements? 5. Based on a trend analysis of financial credit ratios, assess Pidilite financial health and overall credit quality? Answers: Introduction In the present case study credit ratings and quality assessment has been discussed while taking Pidilite industries as a target company for the evaluation. As in particular this industry which was incorporated in late 1950s deals in two fundamental regions of operation that is ultimate consumer segment and commercial segment. This assignment relates with direction of the credit analyses survey of Pidilite industries. Credit quality analysis ratings is survey or assessment evaluating the acknowledge chance related for a specific resource. These credit portfolio for the most part require debt costs installments -, for example, debt funds and venture capital structure. How powerful administration of Pidilite industries is in controlling and checking credit hazard is discussed in below mentioned assignment. 1. Credit quality analysis of Pidilite Industries As per Hau, et. Al., (2013) a credit quality analysis is an important tool in the current scenario that has been used by many investors, lenders and other stakeholders and shareholders of the company to assess the current position and performance of the company with assessing the effectiveness of the internal controls of the company that has been put in place by the management. Through the help of credit analysis, one can test the credit worthiness of business and the organization. The credit analyst tests the company and its management of Pidilite industries discussed various parameters and determines whether the company is financially sound enough to meet out all its business obligations or not. The credit analysts assesses the confidence level of the management and the company for the current as well as for the coming business financial obligations and based on the same the credit rating has been assigned to the company. The credit history and the ability of the management is also been assessed by the analyst. In the given case, the Pidilite Industries has been recommended by the equity analysts as a long term investment opportunity. In this case, it becomes important to check the financial health of the company considering all the parameters including liquidity, efficiency, profitability etc. Through the help of the above analysis one can easily determine the ability of the company to meet out its short term and long term obligations and maintain the level of solvency. This quality analysis has been done to protect the interest of the stakeholders and the investors of the company. There have been multiple instances where the interest of the stakeholders and the investors of the company have been compromised by showing fake financial position and performance to them. In this scenario, the role of the credit rating agencies increases where they test multiple companies on same parameters and give them different ratings which they think is reasonable based on the test results. 2. Financial parameters to evaluate credit quality and risk There are various financial parameters that have been used by the financial analysts to test the credit worthiness of the companies. It includes capital structure, interest coverage ratio, debt service coverage, net worth, profitability, return on capital employed, net cash accruals to total debt ratio, current ratio etc. The analyst considers the current as well as the future risk profile of the company to determine the credit rating of the company. Capital Structure: The capital structure of the company is judged through debt to equity ratio, leverage ratio etc. These test the proportion of borrowed funds in the capital mix of the company. This shows the dependence of the company on the borrowed funds as the company will have to bear some additional cost in meeting out the funding needs. The capital structure of the company depicts the strategy adopted by the management. In case of weak businesses, a company with high gearing will impact the profitability and the ability of the company to repay the debt amount (ICRA, 2016). Interest coverage ratio - The tool of interest coverage ratio is a financial barometer that measures an organization's capacity to make debt installments along with interest portion in a convenient way. Loan providers and speculators utilize this calculation to comprehend the productivity and danger of an organization. For example financial investors need to utilize this tool just to measure that the organization can pay its due debts on time without sacrificing its routine operational costs and dividends. A debt provider, then again, utilizes this tool with a scope while distinguishing whether an organization can handle extra debt. banks as a debt lender utilize this technique to figure the hazard that will result in loaning. Return on capital employed (ROCE) - ROCE shows the profits produced by an organization over the aggregate capital utilized in the organisation. The proportion thoroughly demonstrates how effectively an organization is controlled managed by its administrators, and more often not affected by the degree of its debt in organisation. This tool of measuring profitability helps to measure long haul productivity proportion since it indicates how successfully resources are giving results while thinking about long haul debt structure. A lower ROCE mirrors the organization's negative showcase over the long haul. An inclining ROCE would suggest proficient utilization of the funds utilized in the organisation, though a declining ROCE would demonstrate wasteful utilization of the funds utilized by the firm. Regardless, the ROCE of organization must be higher than its debt and other operation cost; else it demonstrates that the organization is worsening investors esteem. 3. Financial credit ratios to assess credit quality Evaluating and critical analysis of financial performance using tools of financial ratio is utilized to assess different parts of an organization's working and money related execution, for example, its productivity, liquidity and its returns on investments. Common spaces that are calculated into a FICO score are industry hazard, govt. strategy, working efficiency, monetary hazard and administration assessment. Tools of ratio evaluation are typically analyzed and compared over organizations in similar sectors, since a satisfactory proportion in one organisation might be viewed as comparably high in different industry firm. For instance, organizations in areas, for example, dealing in consumable goods regularly have a high obligation value proportion, on the other hand a comparable proportion for an innovation organization might be viewed as comparably high. As per Oshoke Sumaina, (2015) proportion examination can give an early cautioning of an impact full change or disintegration in an organization's monetary circumstance or execution. Financial analyst participates in broad calculating of the money related information in an organization's budgetary statements, regarding defining such insights. The various ratios which will result in evaluation of credit ratings of an enterprise are as follows- Ratio Description Formulae 1 Current ratio It helps to analyze short term liquidity position of the business. Accordingly it shows the repayment capacity of the business for the short term liabilities. It helps the financial lending firm to make a decision regarding granting the needs to businesses to fulfill their working capital needs. This tool is a liquidity proportion that evaluates an organization's capacity to pay liquid and long haul commitments. Current resources like money, money counterparts, and attractive securities can without much of a stretch be changed over into trade out the short term (EXCHANGE, 2014). Current assets / Current liabilities 2 Return on capital employed ROCE is a bookkeeping proportion utilized as a part of back, valuation, and bookkeeping. It is a helpful tool for looking at the proportionate benefit of organizations in the wake of considering the measure of utilized investments (Alrafadi Md-Yusuf, 2011). Profit before interest and tax / long term debt and capital employed 3 Interest coverage ratio The ICR or interest coverage ratio is an obligation proportion and benefit proportion helps in deciding how effortlessly an organization can deliver debt cost on pending obligation. ICR might be figured by partitioning an organization's profit before debt cost and taxation amount (EBIT). It decides how effectively an organization can pay debt costs on external liability. The more declining ICR, more beneficial the organization's obligation trouble and the more prominent the 4likelihood of liquidation profit before interest tax and depreciation / Interest and other finance administrative costs 4 Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) DSCR is the proportion of money accessible for obligation adjusting to debt interest cost, capital loan cost and rent installments. It is a prominent standard utilized as a part of the estimation of an organizations capacity to create enough money to cover its obligation installments. The more this proportion is, the less demanding it is to acquire an advance. Profit before interest tax and depreciation / interest and administrative charges 5 Profit margin ratio It helps in analyzing the profit earned over the net revenue of the organisaation. Profit is taken after deduction of taxation. Profit after tax / net revenue * 100 6 Capital gearing ratio Capital gearing proportion is how much an organization obtains resources or to which it subsidizes its progressing operations with long term and short term obligation. Capital adapting will vary amongst organizations and ventures, and will frequently change after some time. Investigating capital portfolio implies degree of proportion of finance provided by equity share holders and the finance provided by the individuals who get an interest or profit at a settled rate. Variable income bearing securities / fixed income bearing funds 4. Financial credit ratios of Pidilite industries Ratio Analysis of Pidilite 2015 2014 Balance Sheet Cash 860 1,772 Accounts receivable, net 5,861 5,224 Total current assets 16,707 16,416 Total long-term assets 16,370 12,806 Total current liabilities 9,580 8,859 Total long-term liabilities 810 857 Total shareholders' equity 22,706 19,526 Income Statement Total sales 51,329 45,345 Total operating expenses 40,734 36,117 Income (loss) before taxes 6,779 6,123 Net income (loss) 5,085 4,471 Ratio calculations Profitability Ratios Return on equity 22% 23% Return on assets 15% 15% Net profit margin 10% 10% Leverage and Liquidity Ratios Current ratio 1.74 1.85 Quick or acid test ratio 1.13 1.26 Leverage ratio 46% 50% Long-term debt ratio 0.034 0.042 Debt to equity ratio 0.036 0.044 5. Trend analysis on the basis of above ratios While observing the financial ratios of the organisaation, Pidilite industries it has been analyzed that there no big change in the profitability of the business. Net profit margin has been same as of previous year data. However company is not witnessing in decline in performance but stakeholders demand for a constant growth. Growth is a vital element for long term sustainability of an enterprise. Apart from that there has been decline showcased while observing the return on equity investments. While checking the credibility of business from the external stakeholders point of view short term liquidity position has witnessed a negative view. Short term debt holders business credibility has been declined. From 1.85:1 in the year 2014 has been declined to 1.74:1. Accordingly debt position of business shows that incline in obligation proportion more often showcase a more steady business with the capability of life span in light of the fact that an organization with lower proportion. Ever y organisation has its own standards for obligation, yet .5 is sensible proportion. In the present case structure it is lower than the standard benchmarks of 0.5 %. An obligation with less proportion of .5 is frequently thought to be less dangerous. This implies the organization has twice the same number of benefits as liabilities. From the above calculation there has been growth in debt equity ratio witnessed. An incline in debt - equity proportion demonstrates that an organization has been forceful in sourcing its investment proposal with external obligation, there might be a more prominent potential for money related trouble if profit don't surpass the cost of obtained loans. Conclusion In the above mentioned assignment financial analyst participates in broad calculating of the money related information in an organization's budgetary statements, regarding defining such insights of Pidilite industries. There are various tools that have been used by the analysts including ratio analysis, trend analysis, projections and a detailed analysis of cash flows. Various financial ratios were discussed as per the credit ratings. FICO score was taken into account which consists of various financial ratios and performance barometer practices which are adopted by the banks and other financial lending intuitions to measure the credit ratings of an organisation. References Alrafadi, K.M. and Md-Yusuf, M., 2011. Comparison between Financial Ratios Analysis and Balanced Scorecard.American Journal of Economics and Business Administration, available at - https://thescipub.com/PDF/ajebasp.2011.618.622.pdf EXCHANGE, I.S.,2014, THE INFLUENCE OF PROFITABILITY AND LIQUIDITY RATIOS ON THE GROWTH OF PROFIT OF MANUFACTURING COMPANIES Available at - https://ijecm.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/21215.pdf Hau, H., Langfield, S. and Marques-Ibanez, D., 2013. Bank ratings: what determines their quality?.Economic Policy, 28(74) ICRA, 2016, ICRAs Credit Rating Methodology for Non-Banking Finance Companies Available at - https://icra.in/Files/Articles/NBFC%20Methodolgy.pdfOshoke, A.S. and Sumaina, J., 2015. Performance Evaluation through Ratio Analysis.Journal of Accounting and Finance Management Available at - https://www.iiardpub.org/get/JAFM/VOL%201/PERFORMANCE%20EVALUATION.pdf

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Houseboy Summary free essay sample

What does it mean to be too Green? That is the question I am asking about the character Tonic in the novel Houseboy by Ferdinand Non. You cant look up the term Being Green because it has no academic meaning, it is a metaphor. Being too Green is being too naive, new, young, not wanting to accept your reality. The character Tonic is all of these, until he is hit with the reality of his life of his place in society, his ultimate fate. In the novel Houseboy we see Tonic, as he comes to this realization after he rejects his father and is then rejected by both cultures. He goes room a less established culture to what he believes that is more established culture which he comes to comprehend is a complete ruse. Is it possible that his lack of looking at the dark ugly truth of his society, prevent him from seeing the truth and maturing as a person. We will write a custom essay sample on Houseboy Summary or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Thus leaving him stuck in a childlike state. His greenness leaves him constantly vulnerable and open to others impressions upon him. Body: The story starts out with Tonic and he is carrying a dying man, he feels a certain sadness. Tonic doesnt understand why he is feeling sad for a man he doesnt know or care about. The dying man says to Tonic Brother, what are we? What are we Blackman who are French? peg. 4 Tonic seems to not know the answer to this question, unfortunately he will never know the answer to this question. He fails to understand what is happening around him, until it is too late. His character refuses to see the changes and twisted lies people are telling him, or the scheme that is being run. How the Europeans make fun of the little African children by watching them fight over sugar cubes. He does not recognize that the Europeans think that the little African children fighting over sugar cubes is funny, its purely a game for them. Still I am glad Im dying well away from where they are. My mother always used to say what my greediness would bring me in the end If I had known it would bring me to my grave she was right, my poor mother. Peg. 4. This advice the dying man is giving Tonic, fails to hit home with him and Just goes to the wind. That greediness in life will bring you nothing but death and that Just because something seems superior then what you have it actually isnt. As Tonic grows and gets older he still fails to take others advice to him, regarding greediness. He refuses to grow-up and face the facts. That he is African and will never be accepted by the Europeans no matter who educates him or Catholic he becomes. Tonic believed that running away from his father who he believed was an evil man and going to go live with Father Gilbert would bring him more sugar cubes that glorious treat he craved so much. He believed that he would be welcomed amongst the Europeans, that they will treat him as if he is their equal. Instead Tonic is abused treated like nothing more than a savage. He is told that if he is a good Christian all will be fine, that if he does his work well he will be accepted. Tonic tries his very hardest to fit in; he continues his hunt for a greener pasture. His faith in Father Gilbert, his sugar cubes, and the Catholic Church are Just too be. Tonic becomes a Catechist, he becomes someone who swallows others culture and spits out what he thinks they want to see he is not authentic. He thinks that by being a good Christian he will be accepted by the Europeans. When Tonic is first assigned to the Commandant as his new houseboy, the Commandant says to him as he is looking him over mourner a clean lad No Jiggers. Your shirt is clean, No scabies Your intelligent. The priest speak very well of you. So say I can count on little Joseph, eh peg. 22 He hears this and thinks that he is going to be on the same level as the Commandant; Naive, to him looking at him as if he was a priced cattle or some kind of livestock. The Priests that he so looks up to dont even view will as a grown man, Just as a child they call him Little Joseph. Not only have they taken his name his heritage, but he has let them he put up no fight he went from Tonic Undone the Son of Zamia to Joseph a Catholic Houseboy for the Commandant. They have taken everything from him and given him nothing in return. Throughout the novel, there are many instances of irony involving the Catholic Church that go acknowledge but misunderstood by Tonic. Case in point when Tonic is out with the Commandant and his wife, he over hears a conversation between the doctors wife and the school master. She makes a comment about how there are no morals at all in this country peg. 50 she speaks this as if Africa is lawless and immoral. That they do not know right from wrong. She uses the words this country striping the Africans of all right to their country calling it an UN-owned country, taking their power and respect. She goes off on another rant about Father Vandenberg Saintly ma, devoting his life to ungrateful savages peg. 2 This statement in and of its self is shocking she is supposed to be a good Christian by treating others the way you want to be treated. WSDL she want to be called a savage, immoral, lawless? Why does this make her believe she is better? Father Vandenberg is known to be vicious to the Africans; he is supposed to be a priest but acts like a scoundrel Sunday after Mass has become a terrible time for everyone who has Fa ther Vandenberg as a spiritual director peg. 5 Mass supposed to be a peaceful time, when you leave youre supposed to feel rejuvenated, Joyful. Instead he is terrorizing these poor Africans he is supposed to be directing. Tonic is under the impression that the Catholic Church is a supposed to be a place of ethics and purity turns out to be the opposite. From the day he stepped into the Catholic Church Tonic has been told that he needs to be a good Christian, do what he is told and he will be rewarded. What he instead receives is cruelty and discrimination; he is told his race is incapable of doing anything. Africans are ruthless; his church which he puts all his faith into seems to have abandoned him. He is not even able to sit in a decent place in the church, the races are constantly segregated. Tonic is told that he should get a wife and have children it is gods wish but he knows they will never be treated the like the white children. You must be serious. Everyone has their position in life. You are a houseboy, my husband is the Who is she to say that is supposed to stay his position, what makes him different why can he not be a Commandant. The way the Europeans use God and Religion to goon hold the Africans in their place is despicable. As if being a good Christian has anything to do with his social class, about him listening and taking orders from people or making anyones race superior to anothers. While the Europeans sit upon their high horse and Judge the native Africans on their religion, customs and tradition because they do not understand them. For instance the commandants wife preaches about how the Africans are barbaric and deviants. She is sleeping around on her husband. She is openly committing adultery with no fear the Africans will spill to any of the other Europeans leaving you with two hints. The first being that she doesnt hold them in any regard, doesnt view them having a say in society that they are nothing Just mire workers passing through. The second is this goes against the catholic teachings, they speak so highly of having to be a good Christian but adultery is cardinal sin, one of the worst. When looking in retro spec who is the barbaric one, the primitive one, the deviant the native African or the promiscuous European? What is your identity? When asked this question can you give an instant answer? When you are growing up this is the most important thing to you. Will you be like your mother your father or even your uncle; not knowing your identity can leave you vulnerable to others impressions on you they say in the village that I was the cause of my fathers death because I ran away to a white priest on the day before initiation when I should have met the famous serpent who watches over all the men of my race. peg. 9 These few lines tell Tonics whole life story, of how because as a child he was always told he was of bad blood, his father abused him. No one really cared about him, and on the day he was to become someone a man, he ran away. He shed his responsibility, he shed his faith, he shed his tradition, he shamed his father for eternity. So Tonic was forced to find his identity elsewhere. In the Catholic Church, in there little compound, he was told it by the Europeans; he was told it by the other Africans. Tonic was a Native African, he was a savage, a man with no laws, a man with nothing, he was not even a man he was a Houseboy. When he is alone with other Africans he knows not what to say. He doesnt believe in their gossip about the white man for he doesnt want to anger them. Tonic soonest speak up about anything; he never raises his voice even at the natives. He is content with being a good houseboy what a man you are! Really, Vive never come across a man like you. You are shut up all night with in a hut with a woman and you say your mouth is tired. When I tell people they wont believe me. Theyll say, perhaps, its because his knife is not very sharp he prefers to keep it in its sheath. Page she insults his man hood call him a coward and yet does nothing. He does not strike her as would be custom, he does not even raise his voice at her, he Just takes it. Tonic is not a ma, not Just because he has not seen the serpent, but because he Tonic has yet to marry and have a family he says it is because he cannot afford the bride price. But in reality it is because he knows he is not a man yet, he knows no woman will take him the way he is. It is not only that, it is because he is doesnt see the African women as someone who deserves to be married Madame but my wife and children will never be able to eat and dress like Madame or like white children. Peg. 56 1 believe this statement sums up why he will not fully take up a bride. He is attracted to the French way of life, to the all of their shiny things. He wishes he could be Just good enough, that someday if he does not betray the white man they will accept him. If he shows them how strong he is they will see that. Even as he is taken into custody at the police station he refuses to scream out in pain, he doesnt understand his circumstance. Scream for Gods sake carryout. Theyll never let me stop while you wont cry peg. 113 Tonic is clinging to the fact that his Commandant will come to his add that he will take him back because he is a good houseboy. Till the very end Tonic continues to cling to the Europeans, he still continues to compare himself where there is no need for it. His lack of knowing, which he felt was pride, by not shaming his Commandant and not screaming he felt was redemption. He felt that by not cowering he was able to prove a point I felt pleased to think that neither the Commandant nor M. More nor Sophies lover. Nor any other European in Dang could have stood up to like we did peg. 115 Conclusion: What does it mean to be too Green? What it meaner to be too green is you lack, knowledge of your circumstance no matter how dyer they are. You are aware that there is something thing better you Just have to work hard and be patient. You must not wait till it is too late to make your leap. This novel has taught me a lot about what I should apply to my own life, that everything that glitters isnt gold. Speak up for what I feel and know is wrong no matter what the consequences. That everyone should be equal because there is always a Hippocrates out there. I must take my chance. But its a slim one. That chance Just may change your life. Dont be a fool and ignore what is happening around you be open.

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Support for a dna data bank Essays - DNA, Molecular Biology

Support for a dna data bank Essays - DNA, Molecular Biology support for a dna data bank A DNA Bank Is Good For All Imagine that a convicted child molester is released from jail and that he is now traveling around the country looking for work. One day this criminal returns to his old ways and he attacks a young child whose dead body is found in a deserted field the following day. The only trace of evidence at the crime scene is a semen specimen on the boys clothes. Now this specimen could be useful if the police tracked down, and arrested the suspect, and then took a blood sample of his that matched the crime scene specimen. But, since no other clues are found this criminal was never arrested and for the next couple years he repeated this act many more times. It is a shame that innocent children had to die because of this sick man, and most people would agree criminals like this should be stopped at any cost. Now just think what would have happened had their been a DNA data bank that contained this man To understand why a DNA data bank is necessary it is important to know exactly what DNA is. Firstly, there are cells which makes up all organisms and inside these cells are chromosomes. Chromosomes, which are made up of DNA, contain all the hereditary information that an individual has. Now this DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) which makes up these chromosomes simply contains the blueprints of the organism. It is DNA which determines what, where, and when to make a certain protein, and it basically is the storage center for information in almost all creatures. This knowledge of DNA is important because now it is possible to show the correlation between DNA and forensic technology. There are many reasons why DNA is such a useful tool for law enforcement. One important feature of DNA, relates to the fact that all individuals have unique DNA, is that each cell in an organism has identical DNA. Whether it is found in in skin cells, hair cells, semen cells, or blood cells the DNA found in one cell is identical to the DNA found in all other cells in the body Another extremely crucial characteristic of DNA is that everyone has their own unique DNA. Since humans in general are basically alike in that we all have legs, arms, hearts brain it is obvious that most DNA is identical. The key though to identifying individuals through DNA is not through the strands of DNA that have a known function, rather it is the DNA that has no known function. Inside these strands of DNA with no known function, called Junk DNA, are different repetitive DNA patterns which are unique from person to person. This is why DNA can always, be traced back to one person (with the exception of identical twins). There are two tests for analyzing DNA for forensic use, Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP), and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The RFLP test consists of taking a sample of body tissue which contains DNA. After locating the DNA thousands of different combinations of DNA repeats called Variable Number of Tandem Repeats (VNTR) are examined. These VNTR There are a great number of reasons to have a DNA data bank, but first it is important to accurately describe the requirements for this DNA data bank. Only convicted criminals would be entered into the bank. Also, only Junk DNA would be kept as data, DNA that contains no personal or hereditary information. One advantage to a data bank will be the quick access to information. Prosecutors are going to be able to match the DNA collected at a crime scene with DNA that has already been collected in the bank and this will allow them to apply for a warrant faster. Take the case of Jean Ann Broderick. In 1991 she was found murdered and raped in her Minnesota apartment. There were no witnesses or evidence that led to any one suspect. The only lead at the crime scene was a semen stain on the victim. Minnesota at this time was one of the few states that had and used a DNA data bank of convicted criminals, so the Minnesota authorities checked their sample DNA with the DNA data bank and found a match that linked the DNA with Martin Perez, a 37 year old illegal alien. After Perez was identified by the DNA, he was also identified by witnesses, who saw him at Jean Ann BroderickAnother advantage of having a DNA data bank is that it

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Organisational Change Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words - 4

Organisational Change Management - Essay Example Whatever kind of change in an organisation, people end up being affected because an organisation is made of people. Moreover, people are afraid of change even in the rare cases where change may actually be directly beneficial to them. This can be seen in instances where an organisation wants to buy a new system to make work for the employees easier, yet the employees get sceptical about change. This paper is a case study analysis about an auto manufacturing firm that is about to go through a process of change. The 5D Appreciative Inquiry will be used to determine the issues in the case study and also in developing possible solutions. A closer look at the case reveals a number of issues that are directly linked to change management. These problems can be classified into two main categories as follows; Issues leading to a need to change; Competition According to the case study, it becomes clear that the firm is suffering from increase competition in the market. Competition has intensif ied in the market, thus making it harder for the organisation to restructure its operations in order to absorb the shock waves caused by this increased competition from the market. This issue, combined with the next discussed issue has made the organisation to have no choice but to restructure its business model. ... One such issue is the fact that the firm has in the past failed to have a futuristic strategy that can help it to overcome such issues when they do show up. In a modern business world, it is important for such organisations to be always ready to deal with such issues because such issues are inevitable (Todnem, 2005). One mistake that the D2 has done in the past is the fact that it continued having distributed manufacturing while multinational manufacturers have in the past flowed towards centralised manufacturing in order to increase economies of scale and economies of efficiency. Issues that may make the change management harder for D2 No information With regard to change management, D2 is having a few issues that it needs to take care of. One of these issues is the fact that information sharing has not been achieved in the organisation. According to the case study, it becomes open that the junior managers and the workers are hardly aware of the imminent change and that even most of the managers are not yet aware it. This is a major error by D2, and it will lead to the negative impact on the change process. Any change process requires that all participants be well informed about the change way before the change is implemented (Poole and Andrew, 2004). Change process is always met with protest and resistance, and the more the change management process is informed to all the stakeholders, the easier it is for the firm to be able to overcome these issues of resistance (Kerr and Slocum, 2009). In this case, the fact that D2 top management has chosen to not inform the managers and employees in good time will mean that the employees are more likely to be angry about the issues. Involvement of the individuals The other eminent issues in the case study